Sunday, June 7, 2009

Youth Allaince for Relief and Rehabilitation, Sindh, Pakistan

I'm an ex civil commissioned officer of paramillitary forces, after a 15 years long service in the four provinces of Pakistan I obsereved that Pakistani Youth is disturbed, undecisive and confused. Most of the youth are unable to perform their due role in the society especially in development despite having potential and capablities. Poverty and joblessness is another issue faced by the youth of Pakistan. Then I decided to play my role to provide them relief and rehabilitate them so that then they could be utilized in the Relief and Rehabilitation of Society.
Youth Allaince for Relief and Rehabilitation, Sindh, Pakistan. is reality of my dream. I have got this NGO
registered and have started my efforts for the Rehabilitation of Youth. I am in search of like minded people
to implement some of my very potent plans.

PLease contact me as soon as possible.



Founder and Chief Organizer

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